Charity Warriors Challenge has provided a fundraising platform for more than a dozen Boston nonprofits to raise nearly $800,000. The expanded 2017 Charity Warriors Challenge convened women who are passionate ambassadors of local nonprofits, serving in volunteer and staff leadership roles. During the ten-week competition, Charity Warriors learn from each other and a powerful network of expert advisors. Participants attend workshops, meet with mentors and compete in weekly challenges to hone their skills, test new ideas, and raise funds and awareness for their causes. A video web series and podcast features participating nonprofits.

The Charity Warriors Challenge culminates in an exciting final challenge event and awards reception.



Tuesday, January 24, 9:00 - 12:00, The Boston Foundation

Are you using social media to its full advantage? Harness the power and importance social media platforms for engaging with supporters and introducing your nonprofit work to new audiences. Our expert mentors will share examples of successful strategies and offer practical tactics that you can use to build an engaged community of ambassadors, expand volunteer and fundraising efforts, and increase awareness of your nonprofit. We will explore various social media outlets; including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and how to create a winning strategy on these diverse platforms.

Julia Campbell, Founder and Principal, JC Social Media
Nancy Frates, Mother and ALS advocate



Monday, January 30, 9:00 - 12:00, The Boston Foundation

Captivating an audience is a critical skill for successful fundraising. It is vitally important to present a clear, concise story that people can easily understand and repeat to others. We'll explore simple tips for preparing, practicing, and rapidly improving your ability to deliver your ideas simply, concisely and in a compelling manner.

Nancy Frates, Mother and ALS advocate
Denise Kaigler, MDK Brand Management




Monday, February 13, 9:00 - 12:00, Google Hangout

As nonprofit fundraisers, we are frequently called upon to write letters to prospective and current donors asking for financial support. Such written correspondence needs to be enticing to motivate someone to take action, such as donating time or funds to your cause.

People contribute because they feel connected to an organization’s vision and mission, and understand its enduring purpose and impact. We’ll explore strategies for writing with clarity, passion and purpose. Refine the language you rely on to communicate a compelling case for support.

Karen Wulf, PEN New England
Meredith Bryan, MLB Philanthropy
The team at Grub Street



Thursday, February 16, 5:00 - 8:00, Davio's Boston

Whether a strategic approach to meeting new people or making the most of more casual encounters, networking is absolutely essential to fundraising. An effective professional network can be a valuable asset to meeting your nonprofit’s goals. Meeting someone at a work event, in the coffee shop or through a facilitated introduction doesn’t always predict how important the relationship will be to your organization. We’ll discuss how to activate your professional network to identify and motivate people who are willing to help you. At our cocktail reception, you'll then have a chance to recruit people to serve as champions of your cause. 

Join us at the mystery donor event on February 16, 2016 at Davio's Boston.

Meredith Bryan, MLB Philanthropy
Nancy Frates, Mother and ALS advocate



Wednesday, March 15, 10:00 - 12:00, Metro Meeting Centers (canceled due to inclement weather, rescheduled date tba)

The social issues that many organizations are working to address include important stories that journalists can help amplify. Effective storytelling in the media can be important to fulfilling your mission. We’ll discuss how to identify attract and engage media and ways to leverage press coverage to expand your organization's reach and network.

Meredith Goldstein, The Boston Globe
Sandi Goldfarb, Rasky Baerlein



The Charity Warriors accelerator is fueled by an exceptional group of mentors, including members of Power Launch's Executives in Residence program. During the ten-week competition, Charity Warriors have access to experienced nonprofit and philanthropic leaders who will offer their guidance, practical advice and insights.