To those that say you can’t measure the impact of nonprofits, I say bull. You can and you must. Nonprofits, just like for profit companies, must be able to execute. They must be able to attract good people, plan, execute and measure.”
— Todd Dagres, Spark Capital

At Spark Capital, Todd seeks out startups capable of achieving huge impact by enabling people in emerging or underserved markets through access to life-changing products and services. In particular, affordable products and services that can improve the lives of billions of people.


Todd believes that technology is the great equalizer and that enabling more people to be connected, informed, educated and entertained benefits everyone.

Todd has made early investments in a number of companies that are coming up with creative ways to use technology to bring better living and more opportunity to broader groups of customers.

Jana puts information and mobile communication into the hands of billions of people in emerging markets; FreightFarms aims to bring healthy sustainable food to every corner of the world. Todd is also interested in businesses that bring quality healthcare to more people, including those that focus on brain health.

Among Todd's other investments are 1stdibs, Benu Networks, Covestor (Interactive Brokers), Drop Messages, Kateeva, Signpost and Verivue (Akamai).

Before co-founding Spark Capital, Todd was a General Partner at Battery Ventures, where he led investments in Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), Arbor Networks (Donaher), Broadbus (Motorola), Redstone (Siemans), River Delta Networks (Motorola), Qtera (Nortel Networks) and XCOM (Level 3 Communications). Earlier in his career, Todd was a Senior Technology Analyst at Montgomery Securities, Smith Barney and Yankee Group.

Todd has produced several feature films, including Pretty Persuasion, Transsiberian and Nothing Left to Fear. He is on the President's Advisory Board at Brigham and Women's Hospital and a member of Boston Children's Hospital Trust Board. Todd holds an M.B.A. from Boston University and a B.S. in Psychology from Trinity College where he played baseball.