Christy Scott Cashman is co-founder and chair of the Charity Warriors Challenge. Christy and Mary Chiochios cofounded the Charity Warriors Challenge as an alternative to mainstream fundraising methods. Charity Warriors makes fundraising fun with its competition, innovative online design and awards event

The Charity Warriors Challenge has provided a fundraising platform for more than a dozen Boston nonprofits to collectively raise $1,4m.

Christy is also an author, and the founding partner, producer, actor, and writer for Saint Aire Productions. Christy developed industry knowledge and the desire to create her own distinctive projects during ten years in the film business.

Inspired by the art of organic storytelling, a notable project of Christy’s, OPEN BOOK CLUB, was born while hosting renowned authors and special guests affiliated with PEN New England. She has also written three additional feature-length scripts, with her latest, THE LOVE GUIDE (aka SUNNY SIDE UP) starring Parker Posey. As an actress, she has appeared in over 20 feature films and in 2007 produced and starred with Whoopi Goldberg in an animated short.

Christy's philanthropic efforts have furthered the missions of numerous nonprofit organizations including Grub Street, Inc. Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Samaritans, American Red Cross., and AFI National Council. 



Christy Cashman and Mary Chiochios are the creative visionaries behind the Charity Warriors video series. Check out episodes from the 2017 season.