Activate champions for your mission.



Plan a cultivation or fundraising event.


  1. Confirm 10 event attendees or sponsors, through an event page on Give Lively. Give Lively’s pages can be used for free tickets, paid for tickets, paid for sponsorships, journal ads, etc

  2. The event may be virtual.

  3. The event must be new. It may not be a pre-existing annual event.

  4. The event does not need to occur within the competition timeframe.

  5. The event tickets may be free.

  6. Paper checks may be received and counted toward the organization’s fundraising total. All checks must be recorded on the Give Lively platform meter and all donations must be able to be verified by Power Launch.*

* Verification: At the discretion of Power Launch’s team, select donations may be verified by phone, or by electronic survey (sent to and completed by the donor).


  • Engage the board to host a house party

  • Recruit a third-party host (retail, gym, company) to host an event, casual dress day, or some other date-specific fundraising activity.

  • Utilize any of the other Give Lively fundraising tools at the event. text to donate + live display is a great way to fundraise during the event itself