All will succeed, but only one will win.



The evening is fast-paced, fun, and full of surprises. It's a last fundraising opportunity before a winner is declared, and a chance to showcase your cause.



1.    Raise the most at the event to win the 2018 Charity Warriors Challenge.


  • The Final Challenge fundraising competition will take place on April 11, beginning at the start of the event, 6:00 PM and end at 8:30 PM, a half hour before the event concludes.
  • The 2018 Charity Warriors Challenge winner will be announced at the close of fundraising at the Final Challenge event.
  • The event donations total for each warrior may include text-to-give donations, game play, final auction bids, and gifts by check, delivered in person by the donor.
  • A financial prize (unspecified amount) will be awarded to the winner.
  • All event fundraising will take place on the bidr platform, disbursed to Power Launch.
  • Game tickets, text to give donations, and auction bids may be made on mobile devices if an attendee has pre-registered, or joined the event using their mobile device, while at the event.
  • A mobile charging station will be set up at registration.
  • Once reconciled and processed, funds will be awarded by Power Launch to the designated nonprofits, consistent with electronic reports generated by bidr.
  • Guests will be invited to buy game tickets upon arrival at the event. Throughout the evening, guests may buy tickets at the registration desk and at stations throughout the room. Guests may also make a donation via the warrior's text-to-give keyword in order to play a game.
  • Registration and ticket booths will process donations and sell game tickets to guests who prefer not to use their mobile device.
  • At 8:20 the games will close. Warriors will submit their game tickets to the Charity Warriors designee.
  • At 8:30 all donations will be tallied, after which, a winner will be announced.
  • Each warrior team may include seven members - the warrior and six additional volunteers. Only the warrior and three team members may be active in fundraising at any time. The three additional volunteers are requested to help with load in, set-up, and overall event management. Volunteers may rotate roles during the evening.
  • Auction item title, photo(s), description including donor, and restrictions/ exclusions, marketplace value, minimum bid, and bid increments must be submitted to by Monday at 5 PM, preferably earlier.
  • Test bidr and make sure your volunteers are well versed in how the game is played, what your giving levels are, and about the Charity Warriors Challenge.
  • You must be self-sufficient in set-up, collection of tickets, management of the game, mobile donation processing, busing of food/ drink items on your table.
  • You must provide all needed equipment for gaming, including extension cords if needed.
  • You are responsible for visually identifying your nonprofit. The sign or banner must be on a table, easel, or floor stand. Please submit a photo of your sign/banner to
  • You are responsible for game signage (indicating ticket requirements and prizes, if any)
  • You are responsible for printing "text to give" signage. Be consistent with suggested donation amounts listed on bidr.

There are four ways that warriors can raise funds at the final challenge event.

  1. Text to give - Text ‘docwayne’ to 855-735-BIDR (2437) or visit
  2. One auction item (optional). Auction bidders do not have to be present at the event. Bidders may access online bidding through the bidr site on desktop or mobile devices.
  3. Game play - Game tickets will be sold for $10. Games may be priced at three levels, with increasing value to the player i.e. 1 ticket = 1 play, 2 tix = 3 plays, 3 tix = 5 plays. You can choose what the cost of your three tiers are i.e. 1 game may cost 1 or 2 tix.
  4. In-person donation by check. Pledges are not accepted, nor are awards from foundations, companies, or individuals related to other fundraising activity.

* Updates if any, will be sent to you by email.


  • Each finalist has 10 complimentary tickets available to invite guests, in addition to their six volunteers. Use these invitations strategically. Guests must be registered.
  • Each finalist may have no more than 50 supporters in the room. You have access to10 comp. plus 40 tickets for sale.
  • $50 of each ticket sold in honor of a finalist (selected on the registration site) will be added to the finalist's fundraising total, for a possible total of $2000 (40 tix) $2500 (50 tix).
  • Send an email announcement to your mailing list.
  • Deploy your team strategically, to ensure your gaming station is managed well, and you are spreading awareness of your cause to as many people as possible.