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Let your voice inspire others to join your fight!  



As the adage proclaims, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

For the First Impression Challenge, tell us who you are, why you want to be a Charity Warrior and what you are fighting for. Remember, this is your first opportunity to wow the Charity Warrior judges - and get the public excited about your nonprofit. Share a story or the “mission-moment” that called on your inner warrior, and help us understand why and how your organization is making change.



Film a video introducing yourself and your cause.


  1. Film a video, no longer than 2 minutes, introducing yourself and your cause.  

  2. In your response, answer these two questions: “why do you want to be a Charity Warrior? What/who are you fighting for?”

  3. Film the video so that each of the two sections can be viewed (and understood) separately. 

  4. Use a mobile device or computer to film your video.

  5. Do not add special video effects such as slides, title pages or design overlay.

  6. Submit questions or ask for feedback via our 2018 Charity Warriors Facebook group. Request an invitation if you are not already a member.

  7. Upload your video to Dropbox and share to and insert the file url link into the form below, by 5 PM on February 25, 2018.


  • Don't be shy. Share your first attempt with someone you trust to give you honest feedback. 
  • Try to capture our attention in the first few seconds.
  • Convey your personal passion.
  • Communicate clarity of mission.
  • Share a compelling story.


I’m a firm believer that people make their mind up about someone, probably within the first 20-30 seconds.”
— Nancy Frates, ALS Advocate