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Let your personality, passion, and purpose shine through.



Create an attention-grabbing profile page on Give Lively featuring your organization, and generate content that your team, and Power Launch, can use to publicize your involvement in the competition.  

Are you interesting enough to be thumb-stopping? Get people excited about your organization's mission so they don't scroll on by. Communicate what drives you, the change you wish to make in the world, and why we should care.


  1. Upload relevant materials to your Give Lively org. page AND submit files to Power Launch via or through Dropbox by Tuesday, May 14

  2. HEADSHOT:  Submit a headshot (square). The photo must be of your “warrior” alone.

  3. MISSION MEDIA:  Submit two photos representing your organization's work (square) and a video (if you have one).

  4. BANNER PHOTO:  Submit a compelling, high-quality banner photograph representing your mission (min.1500px wide). You must have use rights for the photo. Keep in mind that a page title will overlay the photo (see above), obstructing some of the image.

  5. ABOUT YOUR WARRIOR:  Write an enticing short personal introduction of yourself.

  6. ORG. PURPOSE: Share your organization's purpose in ONE sentence e.g. WellStrong utilizes fitness and mindfulness to help addicts win their battles with addiction.

  7. ABOUT YOUR ORG. Tell us briefly how your organization does the work? (1short paragraph)

  8. NEED:  Describe the need your organization is trying to address. (1short paragraph)

  9. IMPACT:  Demonstrate the impact of your organization. (1short paragraph)

  10. QUOTE: Submit a personal quote about the work the you do.

  11. FUND-A-NEED: Identify the ways people can support your cause.


  • While you're at it, update your LinkedIn profile and bios on your nonprofit website.

  • Craft a 6-word introduction using Clay Hebert's framework.

  • Use data to frame your need, impact, and asks.


  • Brevity is your friend.

  • A bio is not a resume.

  • Avoid jargon & be specific.


* The submission form does not save work in progress. We recommend you work offline on your draft, then submit a final version.



“The most important thing you can do is TELL A STORY! Not just what your organization does but WHY it does what it does. Paint a picture with your words.”
— Kennedy Else, Mix 104.1