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The game gives you a purpose. The real game is to find a purpose.

Vineet Raj Kapoor



The Charity Warriors Final Challenge is known for its fun festival atmosphere. We have found that games have the amazing ability to keep people engaged, build relationships, and motivate donors to give. Prepare a winning strategy that you and your team will implement at the Final Challenge, if selected, that includes a gaming element.



  1. Develop a creative strategy to fundraise and bring awareness to your organization at the Final Challenge, if you are chosen as a finalist.

  2. Design a “giving” game that will be fun for guests, promote your cause, and encourage donations.


  1. Detail a fundraising strategy & plan that will motivate people to give.

  2. Include one gaming element that connects to your cause. Make it fun!

  3. On the evening of the Final Challenge, each warrior and three team members can utilize a variety of fundraising tools.

    1. Text to give appeal

    2. One auction item

    3. Gaming element

    4. Other (with approval)

  4. Raffles are not permitted, nor is the reward of cash, in proposed games.

  5. All giving and auction participation will be managed through the Charity Warriors event platform, Bidr.

  6. Promotion of your game and fundraising strategy may begin prior to the event, but only donations made at the event, in person, will count toward the Final Challenge total.

  7. Each warrior will have a designated space within the room to feature their organization, however, fundraising can take place throughout the room.

  8. Send your fundraising plan to by Wednesday, March 28.



  • Creative, fun, unique ideas will be rewarded.
  • Think out-of-the-box and consider non-traditional fundraising ideas.
  • Strive to make fundraising collaborative and fun for the donor.