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When courage, genius, and generosity hold hands, all things are possible.



Online giving is on the rise, yet many individual, corporate, or foundation supporters will only donate by check, or through a donor advised fund. Seek out these donors, and secure new or upgraded donations for your organization, including multi-year pledges.


  1. Receive “the best gift” by securing the largest donation from a new donor, or largest increase from a prior donation.

  2. Raise the most through checks and/or multi-year pledges.


  1. Gifts accepted during  the Charity Warriors Challenge, before April 9, are elgiible.

  2. One gift, $1k+, will represent your “best gift” (the largest of the two categories below).

    • A donation from a new donor, or

    • The increase from prior largest donation  (current donation value - prior largest donation value = increase). 

  3. Prior largest donation is the single largest gift from a donor (not cumulative), excluding event ticket purchases.

  4. All donations must be made by check.

  5. Multi-year pledges are made in writing, are signed, with payment details specified.

  6. Donations may be accepted from an individual, family foundation, or company.

  7. Donations must be solicited as part of Charity Warriors Challenge. Gifts that are the result of any prior or unrelated fundraising solicitation (appeal letter, event, sponsorship grant request, etc.) will not be accepted toward the challenge.

  8. Donations made during the Gift Challenge may be included in donor membership programs, or provided benefits that would otherwise be offered as recognition of equivalent gifts.

  9. For your donor records, we recommend checks and accompanying letters are photocopied or scanned.

  10. Donations are able to be verified via Power Launch electronic pledge or donation verification form*.

  11. Only the top three gifts among all warriors, will be verified to determine “the best gift”. As necessary, other donations may be verified, if needed, to determine who raised the most.

  12. *Verification: The donor is willing and able to verify by phone, or in an electronic survey (sent to and completed by the donor):

  • Name, date, and source of donation (individual, corporate, foundation)

  • That donation or pledge was solicited as part of the Charity Warriors Challenge.

  • The gift/pledge (increase from prior gift) was not the result of any prior or unrelated fundraising activity (appeal letter, event solicitation, grant request, general solicitation, etc.)

  • Prior largest donation, if applicable.

  • If preferable, an (optional) online pledge/ donation form may be utilized for all donations, provided by Power Launch, and completed by the donor.