We invest in exceptional leaders and their visionary ideas that improve people's lives, our communities and beyond.

The Give Together Fund is a community of philanthropists who leverage the knowledge, resources, and connection of a giving community - to outsize the impact of personal giving.

We are new and experienced philanthropists connected by our commitment to social change. Members pool philanthropic funds to invest in carefully selected high-impact organizations. 

Friends and colleagues form teams and give together to support exceptional nonprofits and their leaders. Members contribute a minimal annual gift of $1,000 ($500 for nonprofit staff & emerging philanthropists). The giving community then awards funds through the Charity Warriors Challenge and other competitions.

Two tickets to the Charity Warriors Final Challenge and Awards event are reserved for each member.



The best investment return - lasting social impact

Even in a period of great innovation and growth, our community faces persistent social challenges. Help us equip Boston's social impact leaders with the tools and guidance needed to tackle these complex issues. With your program or event sponsorship, social entrepreneurs and organizations with great potential can achieve great things.