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Make the ask.


Secure new or increased gifts, or multi-year pledges of $1,000 or above.


  1. Donations are processed using the ACH payment (electronic check) Give Lively feature.

  2. A minimum of one $1,000+ gift is secured (new donor, or increased giving of $1,000) and processed through Give Lively.

  3. Additional paper checks may be received and counted toward the organization’s fundraising total. All checks must be recorded on the Give Lively platform meter, and all donations must be able to be verified by Power Launch.*

  4. Multi-year pledges are made in writing, are signed, with payment details specified.

  5. Donations may be accepted from an individual, family foundation, or company.

  6. Donations made during the Challenge may be included in donor membership programs, or provided benefits that would otherwise be offered as recognition of equivalent gifts.

  7. Multi-year pledges are able to be verified.

* Verification: At the discretion of Power Launch’s team, select donations may be verified by phone, or by electronic survey (sent to and completed by the donor).


  • Secure multi-year pledges from board members.