I love producing original video and digital
content to create excitement and suspense, breaking the mold
of traditional nonprofit storytelling.
— Mary Chiochios

Mary Chiochios is an entrepreneur, tech innovator, and creative producer. Mary spearheads Power Launch’s innovation lab, to develop and source new products and approaches to philanthropy.  She is an expert filmmaker and communications professional for whom the creative process and innovation are second-nature. 

Mary drives Power Launch’s commitment to experimentation, leading the testing of ideas to tell stories, create new engagement experiences, and interact with the public to grow awareness and funding for worthy causes. 

She is co-creator of Power Launch’s signature program, Charity Warriors Challenge, an immersive fundraising competition for nonprofits. In its inaugural year, Mary envisioned and developed a donation platform and application to incentivize donors to easily give to all or some of the competitors. 

In addition to the giving platform, Mary has developed several innovative approaches to fundraising, including digital story modules, social media contests, and giving games. Previously, Mary facilitated the creation of an immersive mobile application for the International Special Olympics held in Athens, Greece. 

Mary is a producer and storyteller of documentary projects for the Boston Police Foundation, Jett Foundation, Greg Hill Foundation, Ally Foundation among others. As Director of Operations for the Massachusetts Film Office, Mary facilitated more than two dozen major productions, shot in the Commonwealth.



Mary Chiochios is the creative visionary behind the Charity Warriors video series. Check out episodes from the 2017 season.