I love producing original video and digital
content to create excitement and suspense, breaking the mold
of traditional nonprofit storytelling.
— Mary Chiochios

Mary Chiochios is co-founder of the Charity Warriors Challenge and creative director at Power Launch. 

Mary and Christy Cashman s cofounded the Charity Warriors Challenge as an alternative to mainstream fundraising methods. Charity Warriors makes fundraising fun with its competition, innovative online design and awards event

The Charity Warriors Challenge has provided a fundraising platform for more than a dozen Boston nonprofits to collectively raise over $800,000.

Mary is a producer and storyteller of documentary projects for the Boston Police Foundation, Jett Foundation, Greg Hill Foundation, Ally Foundation among others. As Director of Operations for the Massachusetts Film Office, Mary facilitated more than two dozen major productions, shot in the Commonwealth.



Mary Chiochios and Christy Cashman are the creative visionaries behind the Charity Warriors video series. Check out episodes from the 2017 season.