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Katrina Weiss   I   Board of Directors

Fusing sport and therapy to heal and strengthen at-risk youth.


Katrina Weiss is the Lead Sourcing Analyst at New Balance where she designs, develops and launches tools for efficient global factory performance tracking and reporting. She is a proud member of the Doc Wayne Board of Directors and Chair of the Development Committee. In these roles, Katrina supports the Doc Wayne mission of delivering sports-based group therapy to heal and strengthen at-risk youth while breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Katrina holds a Master’s degree in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from James Madison University where she also served as captain of the archery team. Archery helped her tackle her own adolescent behavioral challenges to become a ‘straight arrow’ within society. This led to her correcting her path down a positive road, leading to academic and professional successes she may not have achieved otherwise. She also enjoys the outdoors and can often be found skiing, hiking, or exploring something new.

Doc Wayne works to heal and strengthen at-risk youth by offering sport-based group therapy to students ages 5-18 throughout eastern Massachusetts. Utilizing a team of experienced clinicians who are seen as coaches, Doc Wayne provides a program called Chalk Talk® focusing on youth with mental health and social emotional learning challenges, including complex trauma, emotional disorders, substance abuse, and challenging behaviors. In Chalk Talk®, students undertake goal setting and movement-oriented exercises to develop thoughtfulness, sense of competence, and feeling of effectiveness that are derived from positive sport participation and are essential to social development.

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20% of children live with a mental health challenge; of which only 20% will get the help they need. 70% of youth in America ages 9-16 have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. 65% of Doc Wayne youth have a resting heart rate elevated above the average, which is a sign of emotional stress. The youth served by Doc Wayne typically have limited access to effective and culturally competent mental health and social emotional learning supports. But with Chalk Talk®, they receive a highly engaging program in the communities where they live. It is not often a program inspires children to run to therapy; Doc Wayne does.


Through this unique approach Doc Wayne is able to provide students with mental health and social emotional learning supports that they may otherwise not have access to. Our students achieve results consistent with the Whole Child approach. Doc Wayne groups, provided within school systems and communities, support healthy development and reduce learning barriers caused by mental health challenges to ultimately support improved academic success and pro-social development.

Serving over 300 youth per week at 23 sites throughout eastern Massachusetts, Doc Wayne has a no-show rate of only 23% (compared with the national average of 45%). 38% of serviced youth see an increase in their positive communication, 48% increase in conflict resolution, 40% increase in encouraging others, and 84% say they will achieve their career goals.

Sport has the power to inspire and have a positive impact.
— Katrina Weiss