Kids in Tech


Olu Ibrahim, Founder and CEO

Exciting, educating, and empowering children to use technology - promoting a positive environment and fostering lifelong interest through after-school programming.

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I’m Olu Ibrahim, the Founder and CEO of Kids in Tech, an after-school tech club program based in Lowell, MA. As the daughter of immigrants, I’m deeply invested in education and the opportunities it can create. 
I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for learning and commitment to helping my community. Although I went to summer camp and played soccer, technology has completely fascinated me ever since my father brought home a Gateway 2000 PC and told my sisters and I that it was “the future”. 

Throughout my career as an educator, I’ve observed many children who lacked the necessary tools and opportunities to pursue computer science in their educations and careers. Fast forward to 2016, Kids in Tech received its 501(c)(3) determination, and has continued to grow with a strong plan for the future to expand and reach even more students in Greater Lowell. Beyond the benefit for the students, Kids in Tech also creates a pipeline of the technology sector talent necessary to attract innovative businesses and economic growth. This is hugely important for mid-sized cities like Lowell, with a long manufacturing history and an opportunity to attract innovative burgeoning industries to give the city new life. 

I love my work. What I am particularly inspired by – beyond the curriculum – is the true mission and philosophy of this program. You can clearly see these values in Kids in Tech, with the same hands-on learning and foundation in education to create opportunities. 


Kids in Tech addresses, head on, the notion that we become and model what we see – our future is prompted by what is around us. By using hands-on learning that gets kids excited, students are exposed to an entire new career path that they may not have even been aware of before. This program seeks to eliminate the gender / socioeconomic / culture / race barriers for students and technology futures. And through this program, students gain a deep understanding of the powers of technology: the tools that make our lives better; the endless possibilities; the understanding that goes a step beyond simply being a consumer of technology. 


By 2024, 80% of the top 10 most in-demand STEM jobs in the Greater Lowell area will be in technology – and, these are the some of the top most desired skills for many growing industries across the country. In the past three years, Kids in Tech has offered programs at four different sites serving low-income kids in the Lowell area. Kids in Tech has proven, demonstrated results, with over 90 percent of our participants reporting increased knowledge, skills, and interest in STEM fields. We’re growing by leaps and bounds and, with your generous support, look forward to offering our programs in more communities across the region and around the country.

Kids model what they see, and we all need mentors. A key piece of Kids in Tech programming is showing students that there are leaders in technology who look like them, and eliminating the barriers for kids and technology futures: socioeconomic class, gender, culture, and so on. We’re all consumers of technology, but through career days and tech field trips, kids can get a deeper understanding of what we can do with technology to make lives better.
— Olu Ibrahim