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Lauren Palumbo  I  Chief Operating Officer

Facilitating the rescue and distribution of healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be discarded.


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Born, raised, and educated in the Boston area, Lauren’s passion for the nonprofit sector began at a young age while leading the community service group at her high school. That commitment to service led to a career working in support of nonprofits with innovative and unique missions. Her role at Lovin’ Spoonfuls combined that background with her passion for food, and has led to nearly 5 years of growth and leadership on the ‘Spoonfuls team. Lauren has worked to grow the network of partners served by Lovin’ Spoonfuls and expand the reach of the organization throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Lauren seeks to bring this food rescue model to every community in Massachusetts, and to continue to lead conversations on the importance of reducing food waste and ensuring access to healthy food for all people.

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Lovin’ Spoonfuls is dedicated to facilitating the rescue and distribution of healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be discarded. Lovin’ Spoonfuls uses direct distribution to connect existing resources with communities in need. Our team of Food Rescue Coordinators rescues excess, unsalable food from grocery stores, farms, and distributors and delivers that food same day to 150 beneficiary agencies throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Utilizing refrigerated vehicles, our team ensures the healthy, perishable foods rescued stay safe and are delivered to agencies where they will have the most impact. Through Plenty, our culinary & nutritional education program, Lovin’ Spoonfuls provides our beneficiaries and those they serve with the education, tools, and know-how to empower them to feed themselves and their families. The primary goals of Plenty include ingredient education, resourceful preparation of fresh food, and providing the people we serve the culinary tools to use whole ingredients in meal preparation.

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More than 40% of the food produced in the United States never makes it to someone’s plate. Wasting food means wasted fresh water supply for irrigation, wasted fuel for transportation, and wasted labor for production and harvesting. Additionally, when organic waste ends up in a landfill, it emits methane, which is a significant driver of climate change. Meanwhile, 42 million Americans are food insecure. Providing access to fresh, healthy food for everyone is not a problem of supply; we produce more than enough food to feed everyone in this country. It is simply a problem of distribution, and our safe, efficient, and scalable model is the solution.

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Lovin’ Spoonfuls rescues more than 65,000 pounds of food each week - or more than 50,000 meals - for the individuals served by our 150 beneficiary agencies. We believe that healthy food is a right, not a privilege. To date, we have rescued more than 8.6 million pounds of food, which is equivalent to 9 BILLION calories. We are providing access to fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy, proteins, prepared foods, and other healthy foods for families and individuals in need across more than 40 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts.