Fundraising is a team sport.



We have teamed up with CrowdRise to provide an online competition platform for fundraising as part of the Charity Warriors Challenge. You and your organization's passionate supporters will work to raise funds together, compete for a $10,000 prize, and secure a spot among the five finalists competing in the Final Challenge event on April 11.

Visit the Crowdrise Challenge site.



  1. Recruit a minimum of three people to join your Charity Warriors Challenge fundraising team, to raise funds for your organization in a Crowdrise fundraising challenge.
  2. As a team, raise the most to win a $10,000 prize, and a secure a spot among the five finalists competing in the Final Challenge event.


  1. Each Charity Warriors Challenge participant (Charity Warrior) will be designated as Team Captain and will recruit a minimum of three additional fundraisers to create their team.

  2. Professional fundraising staff and consultants of your organization are not eligible to fundraise as a member of your team. Warriors who are board members of their organizations are able to invite the executive director and/or founder to participate on their fundraising team, although this is not required.

  3. Crowdrise team page recruitment and set-up will take place the week of March 12,2018.

  4. You will receive an invitation from Crowdrise with directions to set up your Crowdrise challenge page. Once you have received the invitation, follow the directions to set up your page, and join the online challenge.

  5. Team fundraising on Crowdrise will take place between Monday, March 19, 2018 - Friday, April 6, 2018.

  6. The organization that raises the most in the Charity Warriors Crowdrise Challenge will be declared the winner.

  7. The winning nonprofit will be awarded $10,000 and receive an invitation to participate in the Final Challenge and Awards event on April 11.

  8. If the winning Team Captain (Charity Warrior) is not available to attend the Final Challenge event on April 11, 2018, the runner-up Team Captain will take their place at the April 11 Final Challenge & Awards event.

  9. Crowdrise will provide additional guidelines pertaining to the use of the Crowdrise platform and competition. Participants must abide by Crowdrise guidelines, to be eligible to win the challenge.


  • Only donations made on the Crowdrise platform are eligible to be counted when calculating the challenge winner.
  • Verified checks are eligible to be counted toward Challenge #9, the Gift Challenge. More details to follow.